Are you interested in practising Body Control Pilates?

I am very happy and to be writing my first blog post for our new website design, created by Cloud8  that is both mobile and user friendly with a revised logo and super images to compliment the detail including our latest promotional offers for people joining our Beginners Body Control Pilates courses starting this April.

First impressions last and I hope that you find our website attractive, clear and professional with a focus on usability. With regards to our latest promotional offers and if you plan to attend our Beginners Body Control Pilates courses starting in April 2015 in Brighton, Rottingdean and Winchester, or to book 1:1 private hour long session(s) for your special reduced cost of £35 instead of the usual £45, then  simply fill in your Contact form and we will be back in touch very soon with further details and course joining instructions.

The classes last an hour and have a maximum of 12 people so you’ll always have plenty of attention and guidance.

My regular blog will include a client quote/feedback ……this week is …….

One of my existing clients from Rottingdean fed back recently and reported that her progress with her horse riding classes has markedly improved by her attendance at pilates classes especially since she’s increased her attendance from 1 to 2 classes per week.

Each of you will have your own reasons and expectations for joining one of my classes, least of all they are fun, they work, and as Mr Pilates said “in 10 classes you’ll notice the difference”. These differences include a very wide range of benefits to include the disappearance of the usual body aches and pains, reduced muscle tension and stress, improved flexibility and core strength – people get a sense of their core within 10 weeks. Most people benefit from learning how to manage their own back problems amongst many other body issues which are improved together with a wonderful sense of “mind-body control”. A general good feeling in the body produces a good feeling in the mind and vice versa.



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