Are your teeth important for correct body posture?

If we know “precisely” how the bio-mechanism (the study of the structure and function of biological systems) works and the exact relationship between teeth, occlusion and posture then can we solve postural problems?

Pioneers and gnathology scientific writers have started to understand that neck and back problems are caused by skull-cervical-mandible disorders and the role of the mandible (jawbone) in the human postural system.

Gnathology is the study of masticatory system, including its functional disturbances, physiology and scientific treatment. The force of mastication or masticatory force is a force created by the action of the masticatory muscles during the physiological act of chewing.

The skull is supported at the top, on the last cervical vertebra (atlas) and is the heaviest part of our body. Whilst, the “jaw” has a vital role in supporting the skull and bio-mechanism keeps our head on top of the first cervical vertebra. Mother Nature has devised a very ingenious “bio-mechanical system of levers” to ensure that our head remains at the top with the least expenditure of energy.

“How is the skull being held on the last cervical vertebra?”

In the past people believed that the skull was supported by the neck muscles operated by our willingness to stand upright. Gnathology scientists and clinical trials in relation to the skull-cervical-mandible joint have shown a functional-anatomic and physiopathological link between skull-mandible (CMD) and skull-cervical dysfunctions, aggregating various areas of the body in a single tonic-postural system.

Previously, with the use of a bite medical-science pioneers managed to understand, more or less, the bio-mechanism and how to act on it in order to alleviate peoples health problems. However, a concrete relationship between correct body posture, jaw and teeth has not as yet been established.

The classic postural problems kyphosis, lordosis and scoliosis have not yet been totally solved despite important scientific progress and even the most diverse scientific methods have not really focused on the issue. Therefore, due to a lack of convincing scientific evidence some gnathologists assert that there is no proof of any relationship between dentistry occlusion (the manner in which the lower and upper teeth come together) and our posture.

In contrast to this academic discussion, the Rectifier has become a very powerful balancing tool that uses your dental bite along with the Starecta method to straighten the spine and raise the skull up in an ideal position.

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