Case studies and testimonials

The Bowen Technique helps people to lead more comfortable and fulfilling lives as the following case studies and testimonials from Jans clients demonstrate.


Tennis and Golfers Elbow

Male Radio Presenter aged 39

J. suffered back pain and golfer’s elbow. He reported, “After two treatments both my back and elbow were fine. I don’t know how it works, but the problems did not return and I was able to play golf and football again.”


Female aged 82

M. had a bad fall hurting her hip and back. She had received various therapies, with little success until a report on a radio show encouraged her to try Bowen. After one treatment she felt ‘normal’. Following a second treatment she was free of pain and she said, “I found it a relaxing and enjoyable experience and I am delighted with the result.”

Sports Injuries

Male Writer/Architect, Rugby Player aged 46

R. recently damaged his back after falling out of a tree which, added to his previous rugby injuries, made walking and sitting very difficult. He was advised to see a Bowen Therapist and after one treatment the pain eased, much to his relief. He had a further three treatments, followed by regular maintenance ‘top-ups’. He said, “although the treatment is so gentle, it certainly sorted out my back problems!”

Many famous well-known people have had excellent responses from Bowen to include Jamie Lee Grace amongst others.

Client Testimonials 2009-2010

I had a water-skiing accident over 15 year ago which left me with neck, shoulder  and elbow pain. I tried acupuncture, physio, saw an osteopath and chiropractor none of which releived the pain. After one Bowen treatment my daily pain was reduced, after the second the pain had gone. I opted for a third treatment as it made me feel so good. I only wish I'd met Jan and known about Bowen 15 years ago! E F 37 Brighton

A professional and thoughtful service with remarkable results! Within 2 sessions my back pain and tendinitisin my shoulder had dramatically improved thanks to Jan and the Bowen treatments. I would highly recommend it. WB Brighton (husband of a pilates client)

Bowen has changed my life. When I was at my lowest point physically and mentally I had my first Bowen session and it changed my life. It made me focus on myself and relieved the physical pain I was in and helped me to fight back winter colds and flu. It really has changed my life. I would reccommend anyone to go. I'm now virtually painfree and have so much more energy to tackle anything that comes my way. I feel mentally and physically stronger and confident. I'm definitely happier as a person. Going to weekly pilates classes as well makes a huge difference. Bowen and pilates really complement each other. It's a life changing expereince that will last a long time. HK Nurse Brighton.

After spending almost 2 years improving my core strength via the NHS, having suffered a pro-lapsed disc in my lower back, I went to see Jan following the recommendation from my physio and a very trusted friend. Jan taught me valuable pilates based lessons about breathing, posture, balance and perhaps most of all, to relax. The treatments came at a time in my long journey of recovery where I could finally look forward to regaining the strength to swim, go for walks, and sit comfortably again. I found Jan to be attentive and very knowledgeable about her art. She also presents herself as openminded and very practical - a must in this fast paced world of ours. She also seems to have a certain degree of ingenuity about the damage we can do to our core physical being through the demands of an unbalanced work/life ethic. HD Brighton

After the first Bowen session I could feel the condition of my right shoulder improved each day. After 3 treatments the pain had virtually gone and my shoulder felt much lighter. Even my mind seems clearer! It was extremely relaxing during and after the session - this aspect alone exceeds all other therapies I've tried before.  Bowen Technique is a gift to human beings and Jan certainly knows her art. Would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Jan! JcY PhD student Brighton.

I had a stroke 6 years ago and have ME along with many other medical problems. I met Jan at the MS Centre in Southwick and started weekly Bowen treatments with her about 4 months ago and am still seeing her. This treatment involves gentle movements over the skeleton and muscle tissue. It is very relaxing and effective in controlling pain and tension giving me more freedom of movement. My confidence has grown and I have found Jan to be very supportive and a wonderful listener, allowing me to talk out my problems whilst having a relaxing, gentle and effective treatment at the same time. JT Southwick.

"With the combination of Pilates and the Bowen Treatment, I have been able to forestall problems caused by a long-standing back problem.  Pilates helps me make me more body-aware, so that I know when I need a top-up Bowen treatment to settle my back pain.  The treatment is also very gentle, even more so than osteopathy, which can be gentle but which still can make me feel exhausted." Mrs S H, Winchester (Pilates client)

"Very helpful and knowledgeable.  I have every faith in you." Mrs E K,Brighton

"As a Parkinsons sufferer, I am used to living with problems of poor movement and balance.  I was, therefore, absolutely delighted when, after only my second treatment with Jan, I felt an immediate all-round improvement. Although this could only be temporary, it did show that I am responsive to the Bowen method and not only did I benefit from further sessions, but I also intend to book more for the future." N S, Brighton

"I found Jan to be attentive and very knowledgeable about her art.  She also presents herself as open-minded and very practical - a must in this fast-paced world of ours.  She also seems to have a certain degree of ingenuity about the damage we can do to our core physical being through the demands of an unbalanced work/life ethic." H C Brighton

"I found the treatment non-invasive and did wonder if it would have any benefit - after the first session  it did make me tired.  However, the benefits quietly crept up on me and resolved many small issues as well as a general uplift.  It was best described as a 'good service' at least, and at best, a form of healing." N B Brighton (Pilates client)

"Having had a couple of quite serious bouts of sciatica, my back remains a problem area for me.  When the lower back pain returned, three sessions of Bowen miraculously sorted it out.  I say 'miraculously' because I do not understand how it works but 'work' it definitely does!"  
J D Winchester (Pilates client)

"I recently experienced niggling back pain that was proving difficult to get rid of, despite continued attendance at Pilates which usually is more than sufficient to keep my long-standing problem in check, so you suggested Bowen.  I have never experienced anything quite like Bowen before, so wasn't sure what to expect, but I have a lot of trust in you as a Therapist so gave it a go.  After the two sessions, held a week apart, the pain had eased significantly and I felt much more 'balanced' both physically and psychologically.  I found Bowen to be a very relaxing, non-invasive, gentle and effective treatment and as a therapist/teacher I always find you very 'attuned' to the needs of the individual client - I would certainly recommend it." N C Winchester (Pilates client)

"Through talking to Jan, I was able to identify some areas of my health that would particularly benefit from a Bowen treatment.  These included being able to breathe more easily when exercising.  The technique itself was fascinating, and my lungs definitely felt more open and breathing easier for months afterwards." Z G Brighton (Pilates client)

"I had a frozen shoulder which I had been to other Therapists about.  Although I got some relief, it was not until I was treated with Bowen by Jan Davies that things really started to shift.  I am now a complete convert to this therapy and would recommend it to anyone."  Mr T S, Clinic Owner, The Pathway Clinic, Lewes Road, Brighton