Indian Head Massage

What does it involve?

An initial consultation is carried out to assess  health status and to check for any contraindications. The massage is suitable for any age and state of fitness, any gender. The massage  then takes place which takes 40-45 minutes. The client sits in a chair fully dressed for the massage which can take place in the workplace, in a clinic or in the home environment.

The massage involves a range of hands on techniques to include effleurage/smoothing or stroking, tapotement/tapping, hacking, kneeding or squeezing, rubbing or frictions, and pressures…….on the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. Finally the chakras in the upper body area are balanced (hands free technique).

Oil is generally used on the hair and scalp which includes choices of a range – coconut/sesame/almond/grapseed /olive /mustard. The different oils have slightly different effects, and can also be mixed. Some may be more suitable in winter vs summer and visa versa.  The massage can easily be performed without the use of oil if preferred.

The massage can be adapted to individual needs and can exclude any of the above body areas, or more time spent on a particular area if specified.

As with most therapies, there will be cumulative  benefits to a sequence of treatments which can be days/a week apart from each other.