Pilates at La Maison Anglaise in Morocco

Jan will be leading a Pilates week at La Maison Anglaise in Taroudant, Morocco

From Tuesday 30th May – 6th June 2017

La Maison Anglaise is a sustainably-run guest house which offers Holidays with Heart combining culture with your chosen theme, in this week Pilates. Located in the ancient walled city of Taroudant, the the fertile Souss Valley between two mountain ranges: the lofty High Atlas and the parched Anti-Atlas bordering the Sahara. Away from the principal tourist trails, it is an ideal place to enjoy an attractive, genuinely Moroccan environment and to soak up the local culture and the sun.

More details at www.cecu.co.uk.

Pilates sessions will be arranged to suit the group. Typically, 14 – 21 hours during the week.

Pilates combines western and eastern ideas and traditions aimed at developing fitness, strength, posture, co-ordination, flexibility and body-mind balance. This wide-ranging approach works the whole body in a safe way through a series of mat exercises. Attention is given to alignment, correct breathing and integration of the core abdominal muscles into each movement.

Suitable for those who just want to improve their core stability and have a good workout – but can also often be beneficial for a variety of physical problems, such as back pain, a shoulder injury or reduced mobility. The exercises can be adapted to suit each individual.