Pilates Testimonials

"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see a new body and in 30 you will have a new body"
Joseph Pilates

“I’m a great fan of Body Control Pilates ®. It has helped to improve my overall health and wellbeing. The exercises are now an established part of my daily routine.”
Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York

“Some patients referred to Pilates teaches never need further regular treatment, and many only begin to maintain improvement once they take up Pilates,"
Piers Chandler DO(Osteopath)

"I was amazed at how gentle, yet totally effective the exercises were. With the help of Body Control Pilates, I was able to continue playing tennis at the top level and the exercises remain a key part of my exercise programme.”
Pat Cash, former Wimbledon tennis champions

“Pilates is a total joy… I felt taller, leaner and fitter…Pilates seems safe and effective. No wonder physiotherapists all over the country are raving about it.”
Family Circle magazine

"After persistent back problems, I found Pilates exercises, in conjunction with sound orthopaedic advice, to have been enormously beneficial, The exercises are now a daily routine for me…”
Mike Atherton, former England cricket captain

Jan Davies Pilates Testimonials

Jan's Linkedin Client  Feedback

Jan has a 100% up to date Linkedin profile to include several endorsements (October 2012)

Jan taught at CORTIJO ROMERO in Spain in September 2012 and had an 88% feedback response. Some examples include:-


"excellent, learned a lot, good balance of theory and practice" (JW Edinburgh)

"Jan is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable. Lovely and easy to get on with" (SJ Newcastle-under-Lyme)

"Jan was an excellent leader" (KC Edinburgh)

"Good content with options to suit all levels, progressed well in complexity during the week, I thoroughly enjoyed all the workouts" (NG Tonbridge)

"For me a very good introduction to pilates. Jan explained the various techniques very clearly and demonstrated all the moves. She covered all the pilates methods and techniques and encouraged us to work at a  level and pace suitable for our individual needs"(TB London)

"Excellent. Felt very safe. V flexible presentation and content - adapted to accomodate different levels of ability in the group. (RS Lancaster)

"Jan knows her stuff and is very generous with sharing it" (HP Guildford)


"Excellent, firm but friendly guidance" (JW Edinburgh)

"Approachable, professional, friendly" (NG Tonbridge)

"Jan is a most effective leader. She managed to cater for individual needsfrom beginner to advanced. Whilst she has her own programme she is open to change and adaptation. She has a good sense of humour and  an inclusive style" (TB London)

"Excellent - very tuned into different needs in group, felt as a facilltator she wanted to ensure that everyone felt their needs had been met" (RB Lancaster)

 Jan ran a FEEDBACK SURVEY IN 2008 and had a 73% response - many examples are included below. Further feedback is always welcomed by Jan.

"Maintained flexibility and now rarely have back problems. I really enjoyed the classes and do not like to miss any! Keeps me young too!!"
GM (70 year old) Winchester

"I feel fitter and believe my body is firmer and I have changed shape. Also my back problems and general sense of balance have improved."
CD Winchester

"Prior to July 2005 I was a quite a frequent physiotherapy patient. Due to improved fitness from Pilates, I managed the whole of 2007 without a single physiotherapy appointment."
SS Winchester

"Self esteem has improved. I have more energy and having classes has made me feel more confident about exercising."
SD Brighton

"Body re-shaping is apparent, the class is very friendly and you complete the exercises at your own pace and level."
CL Brighton

"More flexibility and general feeling of increased 'wellness'. I become stiffer if I don't practice on a regular basis."
PS Brighton

"Improved flexibility and far fewer neck problems. Helped both physically and emotionally with my recovery from major surgery and course of chemotherapy in 2007."
Dr JS Winchester

"There it is, bang on time - a sudden awareness that I have abdominal muscles, always gets me 24 hours after class and makes me think of you. Thanks for another cracking good one last night, think it was  probably the weights that made it for me."
CB Winchester


I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to enrol on the Body Control Pilates Teacher training course and will be putting your name on my application form. My journey in health and fitness all began with my first pilates class with you back in oct 2002! Now I can't go a day without doing something - be it a pilates or yoga class, boxercise, gym, running! I want to thank you for being a great teacher over the years and for planting that initial seed of thought in my mind that maybe this something that I could persue. KW Aqiva Winchester 2010

I want you to know that I have enjoyed my 2 years with you immensely, and have benefitted both physicaly and mentally from my classes. You are an excellent and inspiring teacher. ET Brighton 2010

I am finding that my trunk is becoming more flexible - I hadn't realised before how stiff my shoulders were. I have back problems anyway and I feel this is very helpful. EF 2010 Brighton

It makes me relax once a week, improves my flexibility and has helped me to maintain and regain core strength after having a baby. DF 2010 Brighton

"I want to thank you so much for teaching pilates to me for the past 2 years. It's the longest that I have ever been able to commit myself to something and really feel that I have found "the thing" for me. I am much  fitter now than I have ever been, and that is in large part due to your professionalism, encouragement and challenges each week - thank you! "
JS Winchester April 2004

"...A very small thank you present for almost 5 years of pilates which have taken me through 2 higher degress and over 80,000 miles of commuting, and numerous other life events intact and more healthy than I      started - THANK YOU! Your teaching has been consistently excellent throughout and I have learned a great deal .......".
JS Winchester Jan 2007

".......the lessons you give us are well worth more to me than what you charge."
IC Winchester Mar 2007

"You have been a very good teacher. A good teacher to me is like a candleholder in the flame of the student's imagination. Let this little token of my appreciation remind you of how inspiring you have been as my    teacher. Thank you."
IC May 2007

"After spending almost 2 years improving my core strength via the NHS, having suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower back, I went to see Jan after it was suggested by my Physiotherapist and after she was  recommended by a trusted friend. Jan taught me valuable Pilates-based exercises about breathing, posture, balance and perhaps most of all, how to relax. The one-to-one sessions were expensive, but vital in  further stablising the lower back. The treatments came at a time in my long journey of recovery where I could finally look forward to regaining the strength to swim, go for walks, and sit comfortably again."
HC Brighton 2009


"....I felt so much more balanced during my third pregnancy having done pilates, compared with my first two. This also helped my confidence generally."

"....Body recovery following childbirth was amazing having done Pilates before and during my third pregnancy. I hardly feel I've had children! Recovery both inside and out was so much quicker."

IM Winchester 2005

"....Pilates really helped me to regain my abs and my lower back strength and flexibility post pregnancy. Having done pilates before and during my pregnancy I am able to manage handling my baby so much better    due to my body awareness."
DR JK Winchester 2005

"...I would always advocate Pilates to my clients during pregnancy as they hold so much tension around their ribs."
HS. Osteopath Chandlers Ford